The Daredevil Drive race track is long, fast, narrow-width track that features a vast array of bumps, jumps, obstacles, hazards, and custom made models to drive through. The starting gate can accommodate 14 racers. Custom billboards are placed around the track to provide a hint at the next obstacle that will be encountered.


Daredevil Drive jeep racing map.

Racers must preserve enough “jet fuel” to successfully jump the boat wreck. Those that fall short will be in way over their heads. Next they will encounter a wall of smoke, then a maze of brick pillars and exploding steel barrels. The course winds through the rugged terrain and past many small lakes, eventually bringing the racers to a set of loops. Keep up your speed or be prepared to deal with the laws of gravity. More rough terrain and a few sharp curves later, the racers must pass through another maze of exploding barrels, then finally a double set of loops before crossing the finish line.



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Daredevil Drive